Coburg Printworks will endeavour to comply with the Federal Privacy Act (as amended). This statement sets out important information about privacy protections which we extend to your information.

1What sort of Information Do We Collect?
If you are a customer of Coburg Printworks, we generally store information including (but not limited to) your name, company name, contact/delivery details, email address, business banking details (if applicable), your type of business, the date and time of your order and history of your products and services in order to manage our business relationship.
2How We Use or Disclose Your Information
We use your information to provide our services to you, to fulfill administrative functions, to enter into contracts with you and for marketing and client relationship purposes.
3On-Line Links to Third Parties
Coburg Printworks website may provide “links” directly to other Internet sites. Coburg Printworks is not responsible for “links” it provides and the content or practices of Web Sites operated by the third parties of the “links”. Links to these third parties does not constitute sponsorship, endorsements or approval of these sites or their related companies. The company can be contacted on: Telephone: (03) 9358 6888 Email: